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Capture the Memories

       Wedding & Special Event Videography

  "Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on our wedding video. We can't believe the artistic and realistic presentation of it; the sound and visual quality is outstanding.
  Everyone who has watched it has literally said, "It felt like we were there!". You were able to edit together the moments we most cared about. Everything and everyone we cherished was on it."
Megan Jones, Bride

  "You captured all of the lovely details that made it beautiful and meaningful, and then there is all of the joy and fun, and some really, really cute and rather crazy moments that made us laugh.


  Thank you so very much, Scott, for your true professionalism and for giving us a product that we shall treasure forever. We will certainly enjoy reliving the wedding over and over through the years.

  I had to tell you how totally thrilled we are."

Terrie Groce, Mother-of-the-Bride


    It's a unique and exciting day for             everyone. It's your wedding day.

      Your family, friends and guests are
there, just for you....

      Others are probably wishing they could attend....

      With Video, they can almost say they did....  

   Experience the sights, sounds and special moments of your wedding.

  Hear the voices of the people you care about the most. 

  Feel the joy and spirit of the ceremony.  

  Remember the toasts, the dancing and the celebration. 

  Enjoy your very special day.      

  Again... and again.....

     Keep it all... and share it all... 
     With Video.